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feel it hawt! hawt! hawt!

today i had the best idea! since the cash reserves are low these days and ya gotta have cash to go out in this town what's a bear without much spare change to do? bring the club to my place, yo! how about tomorrow night all yall freaky people cum over to my place for some hawt times, byob of course and the more the merrier. think of the fun a bunch of hawt menz could have on a hawt summer night in a private apartment with just some candles lit and my new boy george dj mix cd (that shit is crunk! you might not think it but he is an AWSUM dj and i'm not kidding) playing in the background for us. if getting here is a problem for you i may be able to help out with some dinero for gas money or marta token or whatev, no big deal. just tell all your hawt friends to cum too! ansley forest, baby - saturday night!

in other news i am on like my sixth different anti-biotic in the past two months. i swear dumb ass doctor doesn't know shit cuz this shit ain't clearing up AT ALL :-P shazam! where did he go to medical school? the univesity of shit-fer-brains? haha. fuck but for real does anyone have any other ideas what i could do to get rid of this shit? i already tried hydrogin peroxide which worked for like 2 whole days then it came back worse than before. damn!

see you fellas tomorow NITE!
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