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hot cub in the city
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Monday, June 21st, 2010
9:32 pm
havent updated here in a while. just thougth i would see if any body still did live journal any more.
Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
7:14 pm
oaky who all is going to dayum dragon cons this weekend i need a show a hands!!!!!!!!
Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
8:43 pm
places i have been banned from in ATlanta:

1. the vitamin shooppe
2. Chipolte on Ponce.
3 HartFields international airport
4. Shannon Mall fulla niggahs anywasy
5. the indapendent
6. the earls
7 Marys (assHOLES faggots)...
9. Transmissions (for meth reasons that didnt have nothin to do with me anyways)
10 Greens package store on Ponsce.
11. all the streets cuz i got my dayum liscence taken away AGAIN FUCK!
12. star bucks at ANsley mall.
13. Ansley Mall (all other busineses)
14. midtown lanes bowling allie
15 the botanicle gardens
15. Cowtippers (for stealing)
15 supreme fish delight (cuz ROderick raped the cashier queen even though I had NOTHIN to do with it except told that bitch to shut the fuck up!_)
16. Outright Bookstores for shittin off the deck on balck gay prides.
FUCK OFF ALL YOU Signs sign everywhere signs blcoking up the seenery breaking my mind do this dont do that cant you read the signs-igns!

i'm fixin to bust some heads yo.

next i wanna share this wich is pretty cool i think you'll think its cool too: its by colbey callay i got it from face book.

I've been awake for a while now
you've got me feelin like a child now
cause every time i see your bubbly face
i get the tinglies in a silly place

It starts in my toes
makes me crinkle my nose
where ever it goes i always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go

Verse 2:
The rain is fallin on my window pane
but we are hidin in a safer place
under the covers stayin dry and warm
you give me feelins that i adore

It starts in my toes
makes me crinkle my nose
where ever it goes i always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go

What am i gonna say
when you make me feel this way
I just........mmmmmmmmmmm

It starts in my toes
makes me crinkle my nose
where ever it goes i always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go

Verse 3:
I've been asleep for a while now
You tucked me in just like a child now
Cause every time you hold me in your arms
Im comfortable enough to feel your warmth

It starts in my soul
And I lose all control
When you kiss my nose
The feelin shows
Cause you make me smile
Baby just take your time
Holdin me tight

Where ever, where ever, where ever you go
Where ever, where ever, where ever you go...

Current Mood: content
Friday, October 26th, 2007
6:16 pm
so it turns out that Gregg aka CHEW-dayum-BACKA is a big ass fag. your probly thinking big fuckin suprise muthafucka got a bigass chewbakka tatoo down the back a his body and shits out big daym chewbacka boners NASTAY!!!!!!
so anyways yesterday i got to cloging practice behind ROxx on chesire bridge (NORTH GEORGEIA TRANNIBEAR STOMPERZ FUCK YEAH!) and Jenny aka Sam the cloggmistress told me i couldent belong any more because I hadnt been taking my horemoans and looked to much like a dude now. I was like BIOTCH FUCK YOU I BEEN PRACTICIN THE ROUTINES JUST LIKE ALL THESE OTHER DAYUM BIOTCHESS!!!!!!! she said FOOL TALK TO THE HAND and put her dayum hand up to my face and i grabbed it and bended her fangers all the way back and could feel thems bones crackin and biotch startin sscreamin an yellin RAPE RAPE HELP ME O LOARD HELP ME and the dayum rentacop from Roxx cum out and wack me cross the backa my legs with his dayum nightstick (and NOT the good kinda nightstick like rodericks BOOYAH!) and i was like HEYELL FUCK ALL YALL BIOTCHESS and left but by the time i got home Jenny aka Sam had already called my dayum tranni ass room mate THe Lady Miss PAMELA and told her i raped her in the parkin lot, so the minute i walk thru the door, The Lady Miss Pamela starts whaling on my ass with broomhandel hittin me before i even know what the fucks happening. she's screamin YOU BETRAY THE TRANNY CODE OF HONOR NEVER STRIKE ANOTHER TRANNY YO ASS IS DEAD she was all crazy been up 4 or 5 days on a tina binge - totally nocked me to the ground and kept hittin me. then she threw up and kept on hittin.
THEN you guessed it, out come Gregg from his room but he naked and walkin backwards which means you have to call him CHEWBACKA or he get mad, so he come out his room walkin backwards and Pamela saying CUM ON CHEWBACKA GIMME A BONER CUM ON BABY LET MAMA HAVE IT and sho enuff out cum a boner land on the floor next to yours truely!! NASTAY. That shits gettin old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whos gonna out to marys tonite? anyone give me and Gregg aka Chewbaca a ride from the star bucks at ansly mall?
Thursday, October 4th, 2007
10:34 am
so i'm back at ansley forrest apartments [which is a total shit whole by the way because the residents here are so fuckin nasty makes me sick) with 2 roomates this time. one is pamela and yall already know her trannie ass she has been stinkin up the apt with her shit because her buttholes still the size of a coffee can FROM the 4th of JULY "accidint" at Transmisions and her ass leaks ALL OVAH THE DAYUM PLACE NIGGAS!!! she even leaked shit on my netflicks wrappers that i was suposed to return the movies in but now i can't cuz they all stained and STINKAY!! WOOT WOOT!good thing they dont have overdue charges but guess i'll have to be a NEtflicks customer the resta my life...dayum.

my other roomates real cool named Gregg with 2 Gs. we met up at the dragonCon convention he was cool. he's balding in the front and has this long scraggly hair in the back with patches shaved out of it where underneath his dayum head is tatooed with eyes and a mouth so when he parts the back of his hair the right way it looks like dayum CHEWBACKA FROM STAR WAR'S haha!! it's the shit and really freaks people out.

but thats not all! his whole back and his butt and the back of his legs is all tatooed with CHEWBACKA HAIR so if u see him nekkid from the back it looks like your lookin at CHEWBACKA from the front!!!!!! HOLY SHITT!! it looks even more realistic cuz he's a hairy bear kinda guy anyways which adds to the affect.

One nite we was all gettin CRUNK at the apt and gregg walks out nekkid and turns around to show Blake and Jeremy his CHEWBACCA tats and they was like DAYUM NIGGA THATS FUKKED UP! but then Gregg was like HEY LOOK CHEWBACKAS GETTIN A BIG BROWN BONER and out from his butthole [which is chewbacas front) this GINORMOUS log of SHIT comes out and then lands on the coffee table on Jeremy and Pamelas takeout from Rusans HAHAHAHAHAHA !! FUNNY ASS SHIT! i was like, HEY CHEWBACCAS BOANER DONE FELL OFF GUESS THAT MAKES HIS ASS A GIRL WOOKIE A WOOKETTE HAHAHAH. sometimes tina can bring out your creative side. everyone exept pamela was laffin so dayum hard.

THEN we made him do it again and this time we sang Avrils 'HEY YOU, I DONT LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND' but changed the words to: HEY YOU, CHEWBACCAS GOT A BOANER while he was doin it.

by the way i HATE it when they bring that dayum shushi takeout home to eat it smells up the apartment like fuckin shit! WHY CANT U NIGGAS EAT AMERICAN FOOD DAYUM PRETENCIOUS FOOLS!

then greg went in his room and Jeremy and blake and me started wondering if greg is straight or gay or what because he never says nuthin like HEY THAT DUDE/BIOTCH IS FINE or anything. either way its cool with me cuz i get along pretty good with most people which i guess is the whole reason the Lord above put us on this planett.

Current Mood: determined
Thursday, July 26th, 2007
6:44 pm
ALL RIGHT BIOTCHES IT IZZZ FRIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAY AND I WANNA SHOW A HANDS WHO IS CUMING DOWN TO TRANSMISSIONS 2NITE?! we are havin 2-for-one jello shooters i made em mysef with goldan grain plus a little extra sumpin sumpin to make your nite GHBreat! (HINT HINT!)
also pamela is havin her "CAKE DEFACATING' class where yall put frosting up yalls buttholes and git in the parti-sling and shit out the icing on to cakes in cool designs. pamela even got some frosting tips to put on yer butthole so you can make flowers and other patterns out of icing. but u have to signe up EARLY MY NIGGAHS!@


Friday, July 6th, 2007
1:04 pm
Ass many of youall ready know i have been havin hard finanncial times lately. which made it looklike i was nevah gonna be able to get the surgery i needed to make my transition compleat. hell i couldnt even aford to get the estragen shots on a reguler enuff basis so my tits came in loppsided. Every one at WOOFS callin me "MAMA BEAR" now cuz i still got my goatee and shit! DAYUM NIGGAHS, SHIT AIN COOL!

then my friend the glamerous lady PAMELA who is now workin the door at Transimissions (where up until yesterday i was a employee too) came up with a bright idea one nite when we was all tweaked out on T and watchin the Discoverry Chanel special about these babies who was born with there private parts all weird so nobody could tell if they was little baby bois or little baby girls [MUTANT TENNAGE NINJA BABIES NIGGAS!!!!!!!) so the doctors had to do surjery on there private parts to clear everything up for there birth certificats.
Pamela trannie ho said, "HEY, what if we could git insurence to pay fo our gender re-asignements niggah?" and i was like, 'how da fuck we gonna do dat BIOTCH HO!!!!!!"
Then Pamela point out that we just got health insurence thru Transmissions and if we have a accident at work like an on-da-job injery, insurence would hafta pay like WORKERS COMP YO!!!! DAYUM, sometimes dat Pamela not such a dumass!!!!!

So we decided for the Forth of July FIREWORX BLOWOUT AT TRANSMISSIONS we would have a little "acident"....hee hee hee

Pamela and i got all shitty drunk and I had some Gina (GHB suckas!) right before we were suppose to set off the fire works. i was afraid PAMELA was gonna chicken out but she dint which was cool. First she got a Romin Candle and pretended to buttfuck me with it - well, i guess it wasnt really pretend becuz she really was buttfukin me with it on stage and everyone was clappin and shit it was AWESOME and then she took it out and lit it and aimed it at my manpussy again and it started firing but i couldn't even feel it cuz i was so FUCKED UP! and i followed our plan and put an M80 firecracker in Pamelas butthole and lit it and KABOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!

next thang i no i'm in a ambulence and then i pass out again and waked up in a hospitel bed. doctors had to take out part of my prostrate and one of my balls from damadge from the Romin Candle and i was like, "HELL DOC WHY YOU DIDNT JUST TAKE IT ALL OFF?" and doc say he perserved as much of my other nut and dick as possible and i was like HELL FUCKIN FUCK!

they let me out this morning and i cum to find out i'm the lucky one cuz Pamela dint even get anything cut off - that M80 just left her butthole the size of a coffee can HAHAHAHAHAAA BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME TRANNIE BIOTCH!! She caint even hold her dayum trannie shit in and has to wear diapars! HAHAH

So any ways needless to say insurence aint gonna cover our dayum hospitall bills so SHOUT OUT AND BIGGA NIGGA PROPS to jimmymontrose for hosting a bennefit tonite at MARY'S in east HOTLANTA to raise money and big thanx to flick_tm for lettin me crash on his couch while i recover YOU DA MAN BILL! Yall bettah get yo asses to mary's tonite and spend a shitloada cash BOI! The NORTH GORGIA TRANNIBEAR STOMPERZ are gonna be performin too so bring cash fo da tip jar (and fo there G-strangs!!!!! HOLLA!)

Current Mood: artistic
Thursday, May 31st, 2007
7:54 pm
I wanna change my live jornal name to something else because of my life style transitions I have been going thru lately. But it says you have to pay or something. SHIT AIN’T LIKE DAT YO! I want my new name to be TINAPARTIBOIBEARGirrRL!!!!!!!!! LOL Lol!

one of the palces where they do the estrigin shots got infected last week which SUCKED! so they had to stop givin me my "moans" (stands for whore moans - thats horemoans for all u dumasses_) temprarairily which SUCKED because my titties had just started to cum in!! FUCK DAT SHIT. i stopped shavin my chest anyways cuz my cloggin out fit kep makin it break out. Roderick he call it "chesney" like acney but on your chest hahaha LOL i was like "DONT u mean KENNY CHESNEY, you ignorint tarbaby?!" and dats when he give me a black right eye to go with the black left eye i already got LOL!! LEFT EYE TLC RIP fa real!!

i have gottin in touch with my feminan side i guess because i notice things i dint before like flowers and the sunshine and i am paying better attentian to smelling good in my body. i want to be fresh and naturel which is a femail trait, so i have been using Pamela's ("SKANK HO!! BOOOYAH! lol) dooshes alot but it's gross because i have to scrape the crusty shit offthe tip of the dooshbag before i can use it (PAMELA IS Na-na-na-NASTAY!! HO!_) cuz the tip gets cloggd if you dont.

speaking of clogg, i have joined a amature cloging group "THE NORTH GEORGIA TRANNIBEAR STOMPERZ". we practice every tuesday night at 10pm in the parking lot of Roxx on cheshire b ridge road. sometimes theres a lot of hookin up (or just plane "hookin"!! lol) afterwrds and one time the police cum and shot tearsgas at us. I was like "Woah, wer'e just a bunch of trans dudes here trying to clog and have a good time' but they were like 'fuck dat shit' and shot the dayum teargas anyways! My costume still makes my skin itch and my eyes all red and shit.

we tried to sign up to clog in the GAY Pride Paraide next month but those assholes said no becuz our name THE TRANIBEAR STOMPERZ sounded like we were GAYBASHERS! WTF!! LoL. Don't matter none anyways cuz i'm gonna git FUUUUUUCKED UP for GayPRide gonna be shittin tina an pissin JACK&Coke!! be da biggest mess u EVAH SEEN EVAH!!!
Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
8:19 pm
shit yall its ben almost a hole year since I updated this dam thang !! HOLLA SHISCUBOTTOM BACKIN DA HIZZHOUSE!!! LOL :)
i have been workin at Transmissions which is the new ga;ybar down by the air port yo college park. its kinda the hood but its all good u know what i mean yo? its an upandcumming nieghborhood is what every body is saying. pAMela my tranny freind got me a job there workin as a barback and i gotta say that even thogh bein a bareback is hard work it is really rewarding to get paid to do some thing u love :) - gott a make dat paper YALL!!

anyways last satrday night at Tranmissions was OFF DA CHANE WOOF! even though it was dyke nite "THE CLITTERBOX" is what they call it on Saturdays. its cool there but sometimes when the planes take off from heartsfield international its hard to hear the music cuz the bar at the end of the runway. anyways i was bustin up a fight in the parkin lot outside the bar between Pamela my trannie freind and some woofy bear dyke an a plain was takin off and suddennly this blue stuff with shit in it splatted all ovah my head from the sky and i was like DAYUM WHO THREW THAT ON ME and pamela she say, "somebody on dat AIR TRans plane musta flushed when they was takin' off hahaha" i was like YOU BETTAH STOP LAFIN AT MY ASS SKANKYASS BIOOTCHH !!

then i went inside to get cleand up and i started starin at my self in da mirror and started cryin an thinking about all the coincidesnces in my life that night thathad to do with "trans" - like working at TRANSmissions, having Pamela my TRANny friend, gettin flushed on by a Air TRANs plane and i was like whoa that's really phreeky...

and it made me wonder if the loard in Heaven was tryin to tell my ass somethin like maybe there was somethin in me that needed to be expresed like my femanine side or something and i couldent stop thinking about that and talked to Rodrick my bf about it and he say he don't care if he fuckin me with a ass or a pussy its all good to him if i wanna go thru with it, and i think i might but i just dont know where to start like pamela know where to get the hormoans and stuff but the oporation is a hole nutha story and it costs a lot of money. but at least i know rodrick and pamela will support me thru my change if i decide to go thru with it. oh well, we'll see

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
7:39 pm
well as most of you all ready know i finaly got evicted from my place and now have to pay over a $thousand dollars to the dayum apartment complex for cleaning charges and damages plus pet deposit money. i just want to clear the air about what actualy happened to get me evicted because theirs been a lot of gosip and shit going down at the hunnypot and Oscar's (my 2 fave gay bars HOLLANIGGAHHS!!!) about me that not true.

what had happend was a pipe had busted in the kenel at Pets R PEople Too, the vets office where i work, so donnie the manager said everyone had to take some animals home with them so i had to take like six or 7 kitty cats and a few birds and some dogs. it was a zoo roderick he said "DAYUM NIGGAH IT LIKE NOAH DAYUM ARK UP IN HERRRRE BIOTCH" but i knew it was a scacrafice for my job and may be i would get a promotion out of it anyways.

it was croweded in my one BR apt with all those critters (including Roderick lol DAYUM HOOLLLAA!) but everything was ok until roderick came home from Oscar's one night with none other than PAMELA!!!! remember her ? the fuckin shithead trannie i met when i first moved here? god i hated her but roderick said she need a place to stay and she was gonna stay with us and before i could say nothin they had me locked out the bedroom and did it all night long screamin like coons in heat while me and the kittykats and everyone just layed onthe couch and watched tapes of LOST.

pamela got settled in pretty quickly but there wasn't a hole lot of room for 3 people and tons of animals so pamela put all her makeup in a old timey bathtub we found in the vacant lot next door and roderick nigger rigged it with a rope above our bed to save room. when pamela needed some makeup or a wig or something she would get roderick to lower the tub down. the three of us and a lot of hte animals all sleeped togethre in the bed under that tub no problem. and i wont lie some sexual shit went down but i chalk it up to experience plus i was pretty tweeked out on tina but i haven't touched that shit since sunday and i thank the Lord above that chapter of my life is finaly over.

anyways, then pamela started farting all the time (and i kept finding laxatives wrappers every where) and the whole house smelled like shit all the time from pamelas farting and all the animals shitting every where. but one night i came home from OScar's and the animals were gone and roderick said pamela said donnie from Pets R People Too came and picked them up. so i went to bed to pass out and i was about to fall asleep when i looked up and noticed the tub swaying and creaking like someone was in it, the creaking was kinda noisy too. then all the sudden roderick came in and flipped on the light and was like "DAYUM NIGGAH FOOL, STOP WHATYOU DERN AND BE QUIET IM TRYIN TO WATCH LOST OUT HERRRE DAYUMIT!" and i was like BIOTCH IT AIN"T ME ITS THAT DAYUM TUB UP THERE CREAKING and just then the rope snapped and the tub flipped sideways and it turned out it was full of pamelas shit that she had been savin up (and I mean ACTUAL SHIT LIKE WHAT CUMS OUT OF YOUR ASS) and all the animals which were dead and Pamela herself, and it all came crashing down on my ass and Pamelas elbow landed on my jaw and cracked it and she started screaming like she was havin a siezure and Roderick took a picture of me & pamela and all those dayum dead animals and shit on the bed with his cell phone and i was like FOOL YOU BETTAH HELP ME BIOTCH!

pamela ran out to the front porch and jumped off and landed thru the windshield of my kia and got glass and blood and shit all over hte front seats and then she ran off but the preop who lives nextdoor thats a friend of pamela all ready say what happend and reported us to the apt manager the nextt goddam day! DAYUM.
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
9:37 pm
things at work at the vets office have been okay but with the holidays the kennel took in too many animals for boarding than they have room for so donnie, the kennel manager asked everyone if they could take a cat or a dog or two home with them. i was like sure so i took a cat who is pretty nice but shedding EVERYWHERE NIGGAHHH!!!! def not cool with all the cat hair everywhere but that's cool.

roderick got me a rim chair which is basicly a chair with a hole in it so he can do his thang while i'm sitting there HOLLA! but i haven't been in the mood to mess around too much since i got a major case of the shits from Casa Granday where i went with no_pants_island. we had the same thing but he didn't get sick and later lilredcubvette said no_pants_island told him he was gonna spray laxatives in my food cuz i was a lardass.. NIGGAR PLEAZZZZ! Shit aint like that!
so anyways i was sittin in my rim chair last night working on my comix when a familiar arotic sensation started happening down below. i was like "RODERICK what are you doin down there, you crazy coon" but he dind't say anything and i just sat back and enjoyed it for a while. then roderick walked in the room and was like WTF, NASTAY FREAK!?! and i was like wait, if rodericks standing over there then whose under my rim chair eatin my manpussy out so good but before i could do anything roderick threw his bong (which was lit - niggah likes his weeed) under my seat and all i heard was a splat and a loud MEOW! and it turned out it was the cat from the kenell eating my mangina but when the bong hit it it went crazy and caught on fire and started scratching and biting my anus and i jumped up so fast but it was already too late because the cat was pretty much dead (Roderik stomped its head later to put is out of it's misary) from being burned alive.

my ass was bleading from all the scratches and bitemarks and burned too and i was like roderick why you throw your dayum bong FOOL! it totally exploded under my ass o nthat cat and roderick was like, "NO you fat son of a bich, you farted whats caused the xplosion, fat gassy bitch" i was like get out my HOUSE BIOTCHHHHH! whew thats what i'm talkin about - no mo drama in my life! HOLLA! but roderick just layed down on the couch and was like fuck off bitch and started watchin my ANTM tapes for like the milionth time.

this is kind of funny but later on i diarreahed and there was a cat tooth on the toilet tissue after i wiped. hahaLOL!

Current Mood: flirty
Saturday, October 29th, 2005
12:36 pm
hay all my niggahs! sorry i have'nt updated in a while but things have been SO crazay lately. i got a new job at 'pets are people too' the vetrinarians office/kennel at ansley mall -it's pretty fun my job is pretty much just taking the doggies and kitties temperatures, feeding them and also cleaning out the cages and stuff.

i love working with animals b/c they love you no matter what-not like most of the trade i been messin with lately. they told me i could'nt wear my septum ring in front of customers and i was all like WHATEVAH biotches! so i take it out at work b/c i'm not about trying to scair off the clients. speaking of scairing people its almost HALLOWENE MUTHAFUKKAS and i have the best costume i thought of. its a suprise but i don't have wheels these days so if anyone is planning on headin out to the hunnypot tonite let me know and hook a brutha up with some transportation or i'll just sit at home in my costume all bymyself. :(

or maybe i will just walk over to burkhearts which is within walking distance of my apartment and work. i usually dont like to go to the walking distance bars like burkhearts or oscars or felixes b/c there are so many old scrubs there tryin' to get up in my koolade.
i was briefley dating a colored guy named roderick but he had some kinda lymphnode infection goin' on and it kinda freaked my shit whenever i'd be workin him over and one of those lymphnoads in his groin would pop and that stuff start oozing out. he said a cat scratched him and thats all it was but i work at a vets and i asked the doc there and he said he never heard of that kind of thing, so i was like "roderick i ain't nobodies fool thats a damn STD you got goin' on down there" NASTAY!!! shit. no mo stickin his chocolate in my peanutbutter fo sho!!! HO!!!!

Holla back biotches i am ready to parTAY tonite but i still need a ride so call me if you wanna do hallowene DIRRTY DRRTY style!
Friday, July 22nd, 2005
12:57 pm
it is friiiiiiiiDAY and that means the weekend is finaly here and i am ready to PARTAY like its nineteen 1999! BIOTCHES! WOOT WOOT WOOFERS! i have lost 27 pounds so far this week allready and it is time for me to strutt my stuff YEAH BABY!! the Hunny Pot is closed tonight for underage drinking issues but the party is g oing to DROP tonite at marys thats the word on the street HOLLA!!!! also i got a job at the cingular wireless store across from the publix at ansely mall so if any of my bros need a hookup holla back grrls! i all ready got lilredcubvette and _cubby_hole_ free moterolla razor cellys with UNLIMITED roll over minutes and texting and i also got one for no_pants_island if you want to stop bymy place and pick it up that would be cool just call first so i can be sure to be there when you come. on a sad note i got raped again last night but not stitches required this time it was one of kyles 'friends" i fell asleep (for the first time in like 6 days) while they were watching t .v. and when i woke up it felt like i was shitting hot sauce and brillo pads but backwards OUCH. i was like WTF but it was cool b/c they stopped and i was like NIGGA PLEEZ and went in my room and locked the door this time! okay gotta run but i'll see every body at marys TONITE!!!!! by the way is there anybody can give me a ride? BIOTCH!

Current Mood: surprised
Monday, July 18th, 2005
1:10 pm
Okay there have been so many developmants in my life lately i don't know where to start.

#1. it looks like cupids arrow has finaly struck shishcubbottom that's right, your truely is in love bigtime. it all started with the garfitti being written on my front door repeatedly that i think i mentioned before. well the apaprtment complex manager caught the person in the act and it was none other than kyle ex-bf of _cubby_hole_. at first i was so mad but then he apolagized and promised to pay damages for the repairs of the door so i cut him some slack. he was going thru a hard time b/c cubbyhole had thrown him out and didn't have aplace to stay so i let him crasch at my place and then one thing led to another and boom!!!!! so anyways alot of our friends are totaly against us but thats okay b/c we are folowing our hearts. his tina usage is slowing down. ive actually tried it a few times and it's not even that big of a deal so far i've lost about 21 pounds down to a 38 waist for the first time since 7th grade!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

2. once again the Hunny Pot was OFF DA CHAIN BIOTCHES this weekend. there was a benefit for _cubby_hole_ and for shawn/brad to raise money since cubbyhole's apartment got robbed and shawn and brad had to sell thier landscaping business b/c shawn is to weak to work now and the medical bills are astranomical. HOLLA! about 60 dollars was raised which will go to cubbyhole's rent and shawns anti biotics. WOOF!!!!!!!! but the real drama of the fundraiser was when the drag show started and out walked PAMELA onstage. i was in the front row and was like WHAT IT THAT BIOTCH DOING HERE WTF? while pamela was doing her routine and she heard what i said and turned around and squatted down and farted in my face which she lit with a cigarette liter IN MY DAMN FACE!!!! so not only did it stink but the tips of my eyebrowes and the bill of my ballcap got slightley burned. BIOTCH. pamela ran offstage before anyone could do anything but i dont think the would of done anything anyway b/c everyone was pretty much laughing their heads off.
#3once again the police visited my apartment but this time it was not b/c i called them. instead they came to give me a ticket or rather a restraning order that andy who some of you may know as no_pants_island had issued against me b/c he said i was staulking him or some shit. WTF?! and to add insult to injury i have been banned for life from the fuckers at LA fitness, which i don't even understand what the fuck all of this is about. it's still a free country right?????? i can go where i damn well please and talk to or email or call up who I damn well want to talk to or email or call up. it's called FREEDOM people!!!!! am i some kind of terrorist or some shit? is that what you people think? LOLOL. just mind your own business and people are out of there damn minds these days! WOOF!!!!!

Current Mood: enraged
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
9:16 am
ok first of all just so everyone knows vandalism is NOT COOL and writing vulgar words on peoples front doors over and over again no matter how many times the aparmtment complex maintanance people paint over them is NOT COOL. examples include "FATASS" and "BULLDYKE" and "FATBICH" with many others so whoever it is thats decided to target me with there hate crimes better cut that shit out like now!!!!! i'm not kidding and if i catch you whoever it is i will show no mercy b/c i'll have you know that i happen know a lot about martial arts including num chucks and chinese stars so dont say you weren't warned.

now for the good news. the Hunny Pot was OFF THA CHAIN this weekend HOLLA!!! _cubby_hole_ and lilredcubvette and the rest of the funky bunch tore that shit up last saturdayy night! after we pounded the buffet we pounded the dancefloor and then some of us got pounded by each other too ;-) WOOF!!!!!! i have heard of guys making love in public places like gay bars before but never seen it or done it HAWT. so much fur and HOTTIES! but keep it safe, yo!!! they even served that salad made with jello and coolwhip mixed together with pieces of fruit in it. YUM YUM YUM. i got kind of sick to my stomach b/c it was a combination of jagermiester shots and jello salad with some green bean casseroll mixed in. but i didn't throw up until the parking lot. i was bending over to hurl and this HAWT beardad came up behind me and yanked down my jeanshorts and tried to stick his carkeys in my anus OUCH! he said "now thats what i call a hunny pot' but i was too busy throwing up to enjoy the complament. oh well i hope he's there this thursday for their beareoki contest. i'm going to sing joelene by the one and only miss dolley parton. WOOT WOOT! joelene joelene joelene JOELENE!

Current Mood: chipper
Monday, July 4th, 2005
2:41 pm
hey everyboyd! first of all thanks to whoever the jerkoff was that wrote FATASS on my door yesterday in permanent magic marker. that def was not cool.

#2. everyone welcome the hottest cub ever in the history of cubdom (besides yours truely) to livejournal my friend _cubby_hole_. frined him and you won't regret it he is awesome!!!!!! WOOF! we are going to the hunny pot in lithonia tonight if yoa'll wanna cum! HOLLA! WOOT WOOT!

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Thursday, June 30th, 2005
8:42 pm
am i the only person who thinks its rude when you friend someone and they don't friend you back. i might be relatevely new to live journal but i wasn't born yesterday either. can i get a what-what!?

in health news , the stitches come out (of my leg and rear end) tomorrow but its still very sore. i went to a doc in the box last weekend b/c i was worried about infection and do you know what the bill was? $367 dollars plus change. and that was for only 5 minutes with the actual doctor and a blood test for infection. fuck that! i ripped it up right in front of the receptionist's FACE! bust that! but then she said that it didn't matter if i ripped up the bill b/c they already had my credit card number and i was like "not if i call the credit card company and cancel the account first BIOTCH!" but she said they'd already put the charge through so i was like whatev BIOTCH.

i took some pictures of PRIDE weekend with a shitty disposable camera i stole from work but still have to get them developed and then if someone could help me to upload them online that'd be cool.

peace OUT!
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
6:20 pm
hey do you guys remember my trannie neighbor pamela from when i first moved to A-town the first time in the old apt. complex? well there was a knock on my door at like 1AM last night and guess what it was her! somehow she tracked me down and i was like "OMG long time no see" but before she even said hello she barged her way in and started going thru my shit. she was obviously tweaking and said where's the money i owed her and i was like "WTF" and she said i knew what she was talking about, but i totally didn't. then she said i owed her like 75 dollars and she started screaming and going crazy knocking over shit. i told her to get the fuck out and turned around to open the door for her and then i felt a sharp pain in the back of my left ass cheek and thigh, so bad i fell to the floor and it turned out the bitch had stabbed me!!!! I was like "WTF YOU CRAZY BITHCH!" and she was totally laughing and then ran out and took my discman and knife (what she used to stab me) with her.
there was so much blood everywhere it looked like someone got murdered, but it didn't hurt as bad as it looked like. i called 911 on my cell and two non-bear cops came and i told them what happened but since i didn't know pamelas real first and last name or where she was currently living they said there's not a lot they could do. but they gave me a ride to the emergnecy room and i got 20 stitches for that shit!!! the doc said that the cut didn't go to muscle but because of where it was there was a high risk of it get infected. fuck! i guess this is why they call it the big city! woot woot!

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Friday, June 17th, 2005
6:33 pm
feel it hawt! hawt! hawt!
today i had the best idea! since the cash reserves are low these days and ya gotta have cash to go out in this town what's a bear without much spare change to do? bring the club to my place, yo! how about tomorrow night all yall freaky people cum over to my place for some hawt times, byob of course and the more the merrier. think of the fun a bunch of hawt menz could have on a hawt summer night in a private apartment with just some candles lit and my new boy george dj mix cd (that shit is crunk! you might not think it but he is an AWSUM dj and i'm not kidding) playing in the background for us. if getting here is a problem for you i may be able to help out with some dinero for gas money or marta token or whatev, no big deal. just tell all your hawt friends to cum too! ansley forest, baby - saturday night!

in other news i am on like my sixth different anti-biotic in the past two months. i swear dumb ass doctor doesn't know shit cuz this shit ain't clearing up AT ALL :-P shazam! where did he go to medical school? the univesity of shit-fer-brains? haha. fuck but for real does anyone have any other ideas what i could do to get rid of this shit? i already tried hydrogin peroxide which worked for like 2 whole days then it came back worse than before. damn!

see you fellas tomorow NITE!

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Sunday, May 29th, 2005
4:52 pm
hey guys i'm back in town and ready to PARTAY! the last few months have been rough having to move ba ck home and everything but now everything is straightened out and i am back in the badass A to the TL ! thats' right in Hotlanta. Woot woot! Put your hands up!

i have rented a basement apartment in the midtown section of town which is nice to walk around to everything since i don't have a car this time and probably won't for a while. no landline here yet and i'm not sure if i'm going to get one - lets here it for the PREPAID cellular phone! woot woot! Put your hands up and wave 'em around like you don't care! woot!

the cahsier job looks like it will be ok enough to pay the bills and i'll still be able to go out w/ my bros any night of the week! woot Woot! also i tested negative last week after not having gotten my groove on for like six wweeks so daddy is ready to PARTAY! Woot! Holla!
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